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Every day CCYP works to build a stronger, more sustainable Cape Cod and is enriching the lives of young professionals. CCYP members are dedicated to our mission to connect, engage and advance. Your participation and support will help us achieve these goals. The CCYP members are Cape Cod’s up and coming business, political, healthcare, hospitality, and trades leaders that are shaping Cape Cod’s communities and economies. CCYP’ers are not only getting married, buying homes and starting families, but also running businesses, preparing retirement and college funds and highly involved in the community. CCYPs' activities and impact is only possible by the support of our generous sponsors! If you're not already a sponsor, then CCYP needs your support, your energy and your commitment to help build a stronger, more sustainable Cape Cod for all of us.

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Partner $420
(Non-Profit $185)
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(Sole Proprietor $75)
Individual Membership $60
(Adult Student $25)
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