Review last year’s success!

"One of the best parts for me has been meeting with my group on a regular basis and getting feedback about my business - where it is now and where it can be in three or more years. So far I have taken some fabulous advice from my Mentors and fellow Mentees and was able to get a line of credit for my business and have begun to explore many other ways to grow and market my business beyond what I currently offer."

Participation Satisfaction

100% of mentors likely or very likely to recommend the program

94% of mentees likely or very likely to recomment the program

90% of mentees were satisfied with their experience with their mentors

98% of Mentor Monday participants found the presentations valuable and would recommend the event to others

Impact on participants

13% promotions

19% new jobs

26% increases in responsibility or accountability

26% had increases in sales or customers

42% had increased community involvement

24% increase in being clear on their goals

36% increase in their sense of having a plan for working on their career or business goals

49.5% incease in their ability to easily list their strengths

26% increase in knowing how their strengths support their business goals

23% increase in their confidence that they can advance their career or business on Cape Cod

32% increase in their confidence that they'll know how to get help when they get stuck in their career

Mentor Mondays also proved valuable, based on surverys that were sent to participants after every event:

70% learned something new from the mentors at their table

62% learned something new from the mentees at their table

96% hope to or will definitely do something different as a result of the session they attended