Career Connect Scholarship

To date, the CCYP Career Connect Scholarship has awarded $95,000 worth of funding to 34 local recipients (ages 21+) to return to school, train in a new profession, or to take a course to develop their professional life on Cape Cod.


The Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP) was founded in November 2005 with the idea that Cape Cod could benefit from an organization of young people dedicated to the betterment of the region. Today CCYP is the only organization of its kind serving the region, whose mission is to connect, engage, and advance. As part of this mission, they have launched Career Connect, to give back to Cape Cod and the emerging workforce that is the future of this region. The Career Connect Program creates local opportunities for local young professionals, who are truly the essence of Cape Cod’s future. This program links CCYP, local businesses, and young talent to create and offer internships, scholarships, and mentoring opportunities to foster professional achievement that can thrive here on Cape Cod. The CCYP Career Connect Scholarship is part of this program.


The CCYP Career Connect Scholarship, a fund of the Cape Cod Foundation, is for adult students (ages 21+) to return to school, train in a new profession, or to take courses to develop their professional life on Cape Cod. Possible courses of study include: continuing college student (undergraduate or graduate); certificate programs; professional leadership courses; certificate or other education training programs. Applicants may be attending either full-or part-time and MUST have resided on Cape Cod (Barnstable County) for the past three consecutive years. Past recipients, CCYP Board and staff, as well as their immediate family members, are not eligible for this scholarship. Please note: As part of this application, you will be required to submit 2 letters of recommendation. The Cape Cod Foundation MUST have received these letters by the deadline in order to consider your application as complete. PLEASE plan accordingly and request this information from your recommenders in a timely manner. Questions? Email Dara Bryan at the Cape Cod Foundation.

The 2017 Career Connect Scholarship application passed on April 1st. Stay tuned for our 2018 deadline next year in the spring!
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Read how receiving a Career Connect Scholarship has impacted past recipients!

How has receiving a Career Connect Scholarship impacted your life here on Cape Cod?

"I have a lot of pride about being a native Cape Codder, like most do. I felt really honored to receive this scholarship from CCYP. It was my first year of 3 back to grad school and in a field that was a complete career change. There is very limited financial aid for returning students, especially at the graduate level. This scholarship allowed me to continue my studies financially and it also validated my career change and efforts to continue to live and work on Cape Cod, where I grew up and hope to raise my family."

"The Career Connect Scholarship gave me further opportunity in pursuit of a masters degree that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford. In doing so, it has increased by knowledge of education, and in particular, of assessment and behavioral procedures related to special education."

"I am honored to be one of the past recipients of the CCYP Career Connect Scholarship. It gave me the extra motivation and financial support needed to continue my studies on the Cape. Training for a new career as an adult student can be a difficult task while working full time, so I really appreciate the help from the CCYP Career Connect Scholarship."

"Connected me to the CCYP Mentor Exchange Program (which I completed) Connected me to Startup Weekend, as well as to professionals on Cape who can assist me with my goal to start a company in Barnstable County."

"Receiving the Career Connect Scholarship was a great opportunity for me to pursue my career and educational goals, to stay on Cape Cod and continue to help my community though my new job as I graduate."