Help Expand Housing Affordability in Falmouth

April 01 2017

Help expand housing affordability in Falmouth

On Monday's Town Meeting warrant in Falmouth, a proposal to increase the supply of year-round rental housing is being voted on. It is important for CCYP members to reach out to Town Meeting members and ask them to support the proposed bylaw. This Accessory Dwelling bylaw would eliminate burdens and restrictions on the development of accessory apartments, which can be more commonly known as in-law apartments, garage apartments or other names, which describes an attached or detached rental unit on the property of a single-family home.

The Cape Cod Young Professionals ‘Shape the Cape’ study showed housing availability and affordability as one of the main reasons young professionals either do not locate on Cape Cod or simply leave the region altogether. We need to reverse this trend in order to have a healthy, sustainable community. We see accessory dwellings as one of the opportunities to increase both the availability and affordability of the housing stock without developing more land, while prioritizing our environment.

Article 7 on Monday’s Town Meeting Warrant gives homeowners the opportunity to create affordability in two categories – increasing attainable rental options and creating an income stream to make a home more affordable for owners. Allowing existing homeowners to create more rental opportunities without adding more bedrooms or bathrooms than allowed strikes a great balance of more units, while keeping the charm and character of Falmouth intact. You can learn more by reading this Fact Sheet.

Can we count on your support?

Please call your Town Meeting Members to express your support for the by-law.  You can use this script when you call.

If you’d like to help out further, please fill out this form with your contact information.