Volunteer Opportunities

ADVANCE >>> YP Summit

The YP Summit task force works to plan and support CCYP's Annual Shape Your Cape Summit (April). This conference is unique in that it is planned by young professionals to create a dynamic educational experience for the Cape Cod community. This team works to complete the following goals:

  • Ensure success of Annual Shape Your Cape Summit
  • Meet or exceed financial goals of the event

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Sara Kohls, Leader

ADVANCE >>> Mentor Exchange

This team works to complete the following tasks:

  • Decrease attrition rate to 0%
  • Collaborate with local partners to explore professional development presentations
  • Double participants for Class of 2018

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Lauren Barker, Executive Director

ENGAGE >>> #EngageCapeCod Events

We’re Shaping the Cape by: Increasing civic and volunteer participation of young people on Cape Cod through developing relationships in each town; disseminating relevant, un-biased, non-partisan information to young people in their respective towns to increase awareness; serving as liaisons to municipalities and local organizations within each town, as well as the young people in each town. This group works to complete the following tasks:

  • Plan and execute 3-4 events that bring both educational components and actionable items for entire CCYP membership
  • Collaborate with Engage pillar regarding issues and timing on events

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Ryan Castle, Leader

CONNECT >>> Membership

This team is focused on increasing membership by 20% with a focus on the YYP Demographic. CCYP is a membership-driven organization, and our team is coming up with proactive, creative ways to target new audiences and leverage existing channels in order to increase and diversify membership. We'd love people to join our team who:

  • Have experience in membership/recruiting
  • Are good with data/spreadsheets
  • Have strong connections with our local community

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Adam Trivilino, Leader

Adam Burnett, Co-Leader

ENGAGE >>> Giving Circle

CCYP Giving Circle Members are visionaries; they know that investing in CCYP means they are investing in their future. CCYP Giving Circle Members agree to making a monthly donation, then decide together how best to use the funds for positive community change. This team works to complete the following:

  • Create 2017 calendar of Giving Circle lifecycle with continued education
  • Increase stewardship of existing Giving Circle members focusing on 90% retention
  • Work with the Cape Cod Foundation to streamline partnership

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Katrina Fryklund, Leader

ENGAGE >>> Community Connect

The Community Connect Committee welcomes you to #engagecapecod with us. The group plans to meet the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7:30 - 9 AM. This year, we will have speakers at meetings on programmatic areas of interest. The programmatic areas of interest will be housing policy and education, civic and volunteer engagements, and to provide content for the Engage section of the CCYP website on those topics. We are looking for individuals interested in...

  • A passion for seeking positive change on Cape Cod
  • Members who can influence key stakeholders, and to advance the goal of engaging CCYP and Cape Cod into action on our programmatic goals.

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Julie Quintero-Schulz, Chair

ADVANCE >>> Career Connect Scholarship

Career Connect works to nurture career development mechanisms for young professionals across the Cape with the goal to ensure a skilled, educated workforce for a growing Cape Cod economy. The Career Connect links CCYP, local businesses and organizations, and young talent to foster professional achievement that can thrive here on Cape Cod. This team works to complete the following:

  • Further engage review committee as recruitment strategy by follow-up calls, invites, etc.
  • Engage Board of Directors to invite new review committee members

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Dara Gannon, Leader

CONNECT >>> Membership Connectors

The Membership Committee works to continually enhance the membership experience of CCYP; from welcoming new members, to fostering relationships between existing members and providing opportunities to grow the CCYP membership base.

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Michael Pierce, Leader

CONNECT >>> Annual Events

This team is under the management of our event consultant who plans and executes CCYP's annual networking events. The Annual Events Task Force focuses on two specific annual events, the Back to Business Bash (September) and the Annual Meeting (November). The Back to Business Bash Task Force organizes the biggest and baddest event of the year, held annually in September. The Bash attracts over 700 attendees while showcasing CCYP sponsors, and local restaurants. The Bash requires an enormous volunteer effort led by the committee. The team meets monthly January through August and then weekly in September. The Annual Meeting Task Force plans CCYP's member only Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting attracts 250-300 attendees to learn more about the work of CCYP with a year overview presentation. This team meets monthly starting in June through October.

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Rod Sena, Leader

CONNECT >>> Monthly Connect Events

CCYP’s Monthly Connect Events task force plans valuable monthly events like After-Hours Connect, Coffee Connect, Lunch Connect, and family events. This group meets the last Wednesday of the month. This is a great opportunity to give back to CCYP and help connect, engage and advance Cape Cod's workforce.

To learn more or join this committee, contact:

Whitney McNamara, Leader

Colleen Reilly, Co-Leader